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To be a member of NOFS, you must be a current, paid member of FFRF. We require proof of your membership before approval of your membership into NOFS. This can be your renewal receipt, or any other payment document. If you receive the FFRF newsletter, your renewal expiration date is on the mailing label.

It is not expected that members attend the national FFRF conventions, but a proper showing of our members at the board meeting there is appreciated. The director of the chapter, along with at least one other member, will be present at all annual conferences, barring any unforeseen circumstances. This means, also, that the Director, or other designated representative, will be asked to speak about the group's activities and progress at the annual FFRF board meeting, and must present an annual report and income statement to the Director of Development by April 15 each year. Please join our Meetup group, so that you can get updates and news, even if you're unable to attend the meetings. 

If you wish to be a vested member and have voting rights on all business, yearly membership dues of $20 are due by January 31. Dues are per person, regardless of whether your FFRF membership is a household membership. Dues can be paid online via PayPal or WePay through, or offline via check or cash given directly to a NOFS member. We can accept credit cards, but the fees are high. Please email to request the mailing address and payee information if sending in a check. NOFS will use these dues for events (renting booths, etc.), billboards, collateral materials, speakers and supplies/activities as needed. All vested members receive a NOFS t-shirt and discounts on all fundraisers and event tickets. Donations are always welcome as well! 

NOFS does not discriminate against anyone of a particular faith. We do, however, ask that anyone wishing to join our group adhere to the Constitution and Establishment Clause regarding separation of state and church, as this is our primary function (besides championing FFRF's core principles).

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