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Homeless Stand Down Signup Page

You can access our group page through the Group Signup tab on the Homeless Stand Down page or through the following link:http://www.handsonneo.org/HSDGroup. Please find and click on your organization that is listed on the left hand side of the page.

Group Code (case sensitive): 

Sign Up Deadline: 
The deadline for group signups is January 6, 2017. If your group is not registered by this date, remaining volunteer spots will be opened to the public. If there are any individuals that were not able to sign up by this date, they can sign up through the general HandsOn calendar if spots are available.

How to Sign Up:
1. Volunteers in your group can sign up individually by creating a HandsOn account*, entering the Group Code, and signing up for their shift individually. Volunteers should sign up exclusively from the Group Signup page, NOT on the general HandsOn calendar.

2. The team leader can use/edit a pre-existing team or create a new team through their HandsOn account. Once the team is created, enter the Group Code and sign up for a shift as a team. If your organization has signed up as a team in the past, please use and edit your pre-existing team to avoid duplicate accounts.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have volunteered for the Homeless Stand Down in the past either as a team or individually, you will most likely already have a HandsOn account. Please enter your username (your email) and password to log in, or reset your password if you necessary. Please refer to the attached guide if you have questions on how to reset your password or edit a team.

If you have any questions, please call HandsOn Northeast Ohio at (216) 432-9390 or jeff@handsonneo.org or emely@handsonneo.org for any technical issues.

NOFS members may also email Sharon Woznicki (lastpolka@gmail.com) with questions.