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June 7, 2014


One of the more egregious examples of religious privilege comes in the form of "The Gideon Bible", which is placed in hotel rooms across the country, and around the world, by The Gideon Society. This practice is just accepted as normal, but in fact is very discriminatory, as it favors Christianity over any other religion or no religion. To be fair, a book from every religion and non-religion should be placed in each room; however, that would be ridiculous because it would probably fill up at least one closet floor to ceiling! Why? because there are over 1,000 gods worshipped around the world currently, and hundreds of nontheistic works. 

For some reason, The Gideon Society believes Gideon was some wondrous human being. Really? Here are some talking points to make people aware of this horrible individual, before they blindly follow his story:

Here are some of Gideon's accomplishments:
  • Gideon slaughtered thousands in battle by plotting with the "Lord" to use treachery.
  • Gideon murdered thousands more for worshipping "false gods."
  • Gideon tortured and killed still more for daring to taunt him.
  • Gideon plundered the bodies of his victims (to fashion a jeweled priestly vestment).
  • Gideon fathered an offspring who killed 69 of his stepbrothers.
Read the Bible for yourself.  You will find the story of Gideon in Judges, chapters 6-9.  The tale of Gideon is just one of many horror stories in the Bible, a book that glorifies behavior most would abhor.  Millions of people have been hoodwinked and bamboozled by what their clergy and leaders have told them of the Bible, and they haven't read it so they blindly believe without questioning.  Make up your own mind about the Bible - read it for yourself.